Ontrol designs and manufactures controllers, sensors, valves and actuators. Ontrol products come from 50 years of experience and understanding of what is needed on site under demanding conditions.

Ontrol products are available in Australia through Controlstore, just enquire with us.

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R-ION Programmable touch-screen Sedona Controller
    • Communicating intelligent room controller
    • 3.5” resistive color touch-screen
    • Freely programmable
    • Fully customizable graphics
    • Powered by Sedona Framework
    • RS485 Modbus RTU comms
    • WIFI option
    • Dali (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface) option
    • Low profile, only 10.5 mm thick
    • Optional Input/output modules optimized for terminal units (e.g. Fan- coil, VAV, RTU…)
P-ION Programmable Sedona Controller
    • IP based programmable controller for Building Management Systems
    • Implements Sedona FrameworkTM
    • 16 Universal Inputs; 16 Flex Input/Outputs
    • Any flex I/O point can be configured as analog output, digital input or pulse input
    • Software based configuration
    • Status LED for all inputs and outputs
    • Real-time-clock with scheduling
    • Up to 8 additional relay outputs via optional relay modules
    • RJ45 Ethernet port; RS485 port; USB port (for firmware upgrade)

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