Dwyer Instruments

Dwyer Instruments is a global leader in designing and manufacturing innovative controls, sensors and instrumentation solutions to the HVAC and process automation markets.  Their range of portable and handheld test equipment will help make your job easier to test and measure key criteria such as air and water flow, electricity, gas detection, humidity, pressure, temperature, and much more.

Controlstore is a Dwyer Instruments partner in NSW.  Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about Dwyer products or would like to request a quote.

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Test Equipment

Featured Products

Air Velocity Transmitter Series AVUL
    • 3% and 5% accuracy models are available to suit different application requirements
    • Field selectable ranges
    • Available with optional BACnet MS/TP or Modbus® Communication Protocol
    • Onboard DIP switches allow users to quickly and easily install and configure the unit
    • Applications: building ducts, VAV systems, HVAC systems.
Thermo-anemometer test instrument 471B
    • High contrast and backlit LCD for visibility in any condition.
    • Able to store up to 99 readings.
    • Integral sliding conver protects probe sensors when not in use.
    • Built-in volumetric air flow calculations.
    • Applications: duct traverses, HVAC inspections, testing and balancing.


HVAC Differential Pressure Switch Series ADPS
    • Adjustment knob changes switching pressure easily with a pressure gage reducing components for application.
    • Low cost device makes it an excellent solution in BAS and HVAC applications requiring duct control and monitoring.
    • Relay contact allows simple integration with DDC or building systems.


Full range of products available on Dwyer Instruments website.