Barcol-Air is a market leader in Induction VAV systems and have a complete range of VAV terminals for all applications with built in pressure independent and factory calibrated digital controls. Barcol-Air I-VAV units are capable of inducing room air into the terminal to mix with the primary air before the total air is delivered to the air-conditioned space. This allows the system to operate with lower primary air temperatures, typically 10°C which means about 30% less air flow is needed for any given amount of cooling.

Barcol-Air chilled beam systems have also become very popular across the globe due to their energy saving capability. The system provides substantial energy savings because it uses relatively high chilled water temperatures in the terminal heat exchanger resulting in large savings in the running costs of the system water chillers. It also allows the heat exchanger to run dry thereby avoiding the maintenance and hygiene issues associated with the condensate drainage from other terminals like fan coil units.

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Induction VAV systems

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I-VAV System
    • “Induces” mixing of room air with primary air to reduce diffuser dumping
    • Eliminates need for fan-powered boxes
    • Maximizes comfort due to proper air circulation
    • Supports use of ultra low supply air temperatures
    • Enhanced design allows operation at low inlet pressures (0.6” static vs. 1.5 to 2” static)
    • Single actuator design vs. multiple slaved actuators and linkage
    • High velocity turbulent mixing air chamber eliminates condensation worries
    • Precision DDC control strategies

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